BOOT AIR is the name of an artist-in-residence program located in the town of Nishiaizu in Fukushima, Japan. Located in the north west corner of the prefecture, Nishiaizu is surrounded by a vast landscape of mountains, rivers, and farmland.

The artist-in-residence program is part of the Nishiaizu International Art Village; a half-century old wooden school building that has been transformed into a gallery, workshop, and cultural gathering space.

All types of artists (visual artists, designers, musicians, performers, cooks, architects, engineers, etc…) are welcomed to apply for the program regardless of stature (professional, amateur, student).

The program’s key concepts involve: (1) sustainable community, (2) learning from traditional environmental culture, (3) recreating an environmental symbiosis lifestyle, and (4) revitalizing the depopulated community through cultural exchange. It is for this reason that we ask applicants to submit a short proposal of what they wish to work on and how it can relate to the community of Nishiaizu.

Nishiaizu is ideal for artists who would like a quiet and natural atmosphere to concentrate and create while being open to learning and inspiration from the rich culture, customs, and people of a local rural community in Japan.

BOOT AIRは福島県西会津町で開催される滞在制作プログラムです。中心地となる西会津国際芸術村は、閑静な山あいの集落に囲まれた木造校舎を利用した文化交流施設兼ギャラリー・ワークショップスペースです。


BOOT AIRプログラムの主なコンセプトは(1)持続可能なコミュニティ(2)伝統的な環境文化からの学習(3)環境共生のライフスタイルの再現(4)文化交流を通じた過疎地域の活性化です。応募者にはこれらを踏まえた簡単な活動内容を提出していただきます。