Nishiaizu is accessible by train (Nozawa station on the JR Ban-etsu West Line) or car. From Tokyo, it is also possible to take a bus to the nearest city; Aizu-Wakamatsu.

Our objective to provide the artist with two facilities; a space to work and a space to live.

The Nishiaizu International Art Village is a former school that now serves a multitude of purposes including a gallery, performance and exhibition space, community cafe and working office. As an artist you will have access to the Art Village to do work and have presentations. A studio room will be provided with limited necessities (desk, chair, lights, and heat for the winter).

Across from the Art Village is a recently renovated house that is for artists to live at. In addition to a private room the house includes all amenities needed for cooking, cleaning and washing.




1. Local Gallery and Free Lounge
2. Office
3. Entrance Hall
4. Kitchen / Dining Room
5. Workshop
6. Studio Rooms
7. Exhibition Rooms

Facilities provided by BOOT AIR (Free)

At the Art Village: Studio, wifi, utilities, access to workshop rooms and ability to have exhibitions depending on schedule.

At the Resident house: Private room, wifi, utilities, kitchen, bathroom, washing machine.

Expenses paid by ARTIST (Not free)

Living expenses (food, etc.), materials for own artwork, traveling expenses, telephone, medical insurance.


The Nishiaizu International Art Village is about a 15 minute drive from the center of town. There are no stores nearby so it is necessary to plan ahead and bring supplies if you do not have your own transportation. There is also a local bus service that you can use to go back and forth from the main part of town.

1. 地元ギャラリー、じぶんカフェ
2. 事務所
3. 玄関口
4. キッチン/ダイニングルーム
5. 木工室
6. スタジオ
7. 展示室